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Top 5 Easy Party Themes

Party themes are a great way to keep the conversation rolling and also make organising a little bit easier. Here are our top 5 easy party themes to celebrate that special day!

Top 5 Easy Party Themes

1. 70′s Disco, 80′s Retro, or 90′s Pop Theme

Everyone loves a good dress-up party and you can have a lot of fun with snacks, decorations, and invites for these. Think leggings, puffy skirts for the ’80s, wigs, and disco for the ’70s, and even a glow stick party for the ’90s. Match your playlist and you are good to go!

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2. Space... Pirate... Space Pirate!

A great theme for kids (although I can think of a few adults that would love this!). Get your tinfoil and treasure chests ready for an intergalactic swashbuckling good time. Add twinkling lights to “aquariums” or a glow-in-the-dark jewellery treasure hunt and lots of space plasma (jelly to me and you). Play a game of pin the pirate flag on the alien and eat lots of green cake! Great day out for all.

Top 5 Easy Party Themes

3. Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Embrace the whimsical with an Alice in Wonderland themed party. Giant cupcakes and tiny sandwiches. Play a game of flamingo croquet (use a toy hedgehog for the ball) or have a hat-making area. Create everything topsy-turvy and don’t forget you can’t be late!

Top 5 Easy Party Themes

4. Garden Party

Ideal for a hen or grown-up birthday party. If you don’t have the space outdoors or it’s a rainy time of the year, bring the outdoors inside with some gorgeous foliage, oversized paper flowers and floral tableware. You can make some botanically inspired gin cocktails and decorate your treats with pansies.

Top 5 Easy Party Themes

5. Cupcake Party

Design and decorate your very own cupcakes! A lovely activity party that will keep the chat going, and with cake at the end! Buy or bake some plain or chocolate cupcakes, print out some inspiration, and go to town. You can theme this for adults or kids with a space, princess, Marie Antoinette or garden theme.

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 party themes, and that you feel inspired to go and get your party on!

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