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Top 10 Tools For Crafters

cool glue gun

Ok…I admit I am going to have a problem with keeping this list to just 10!. We all have our favourite tools, the ones we can’t live without and the ones that we might never use but one day we might need them (crafter logic).

Here are our top 10 Tools for Crafter:

1. Glue Gun If you don’t own one how have you lived without it and if you do have one you know what I am talking about. The humble glue gun is perfect for gluing felt, doing upholstery, finishing decorations, wreaths and so much more. Quick-drying and very strong it will get you out of a pinch in no time!

2. Scissors I good scissors can make a world of difference to your crafting results and experience. We would recommend different ones for embroidery, fabric, paper, and crafting. Don’t worry there isn’t any scissor shaming here!

3. Rotary Cutter
Rotary cutters save so much time and create a much neater line when cutting fabric (particularly those smaller bits). Simply lay the fabric down flat and roll away.

4. Tape Measure
Ahh, the trusty tape measure. Great for curtains, cushion covers, and yes, for online shopping to see if that top will fit! A must in any crafters (or shoppers) arsenal.

5. Card Card is an inexpensive craft staple that is great to have to hand. It has endless uses for both kids and adults and when you need it, you need it!

6. Paint Brushes
A good set of paintbrushes can make painting, embellishing and hand-lettering a joy. Don’t forget to clean and re-shape after use or you will be kicking yourself when you need a chisel to loosen them up!

7. Pens, Pencils & Markers Not only a lot of fun to buy but also handy for a range of crafts, particularly if you like working on different surfaces. Paint pens & permanent markers are great for mixed media, Watercolour and semi-permanent markers for card and paper, fabric markers for fabric and pencils for drawing, marking or generally getting your ideas down!

8. Punches, Stencils & Stamps
These are a great way to add a professional touch to cards, pictures and even furniture.

9. Pom-Pom Maker
From bunnies tails to bobble hats you will be surprised how much you use this handy tool!. you can make a variety of sizes and it is much quicker then wrapping around cardboard

10. Needle Threader
And last but not least is the needle threader. No more squinty at the tiny eye of the needle or asking passers-by to help you out!. This one comes with a small cutter too (also available for threading sewing machines!)

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 craft tools and have inspired you to get using yours!

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