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The Fraud That Knits

“Oh you must be an expert knitter!”

I own The Craft Cabin and every week people say this to me. I cringe because not only am I not an expert, I can’t knit at all. Well that’s a little untrue.

  1. I learned to knit in school/when I was a kid like so many others
  2. I’ve just relearned the skill and I’m in love!

So a few weeks ago the lovely Bernie who works with me sat me down for a speedy refresher course. She then threw a ball of yarn at me and told me not to come back until I had it knit.

And I did.


I can’t believe that I actually finished this AND that it is something I’d actually wear.

This got me thinking about all the people who come into the shop and lament that they too have forgotten how to knit. Or those that feel that couldn’t tackle a pattern because it looks too difficult.

Well folks, if I can relearn knitting, you can too!


Why not come along to our Knit-A-Long this Wednesday 23rd November at 11am or 7pm. It’s a 75 minute refresh session where you’ll learn:

  • How to cast on
  • How to knit plain and purl
  • How to increase/decrease
  • How to change yarns
  • How to cast off
  • How to follow basic patterns

It’s €15 for the session which includes a 10% off anything bought afterwards PLUS we’ve a bunch of free patterns for you when you buy yarn!


If I can relearn knitting, you can too!

Off to make some knitted Christmas presents now!

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