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Wall Hangings to Make and Inspire

Do you have a big blank wall that needs something but you don’t know what? Two words for you…Wall Hanging!

Wall hangings come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to add a splash of colour, take up a large space (if needed), and add some texture to a room.

If, like me, you couldn’t face paint by numbers let alone a blank canvas then have a look below at some easy but spectacular art.

\"exclusive-inspiration-wall-decor-diy-25-unique-ideas-on-pinterest-bathroom-storage\"1|| This is a lovely collection of clipboards that could be put in the kitchen with one added in for lists. There is a free printable but if you’re feeling inventive after our calligraphy class you can make some custom ones or paint them with chalkboard paint and change it when you want.


\"FEAT2\" 2|| I absolutely love these Yarn Wall hangings. They are so simple and using cotton or even gold spray paint you could come up with truly individual hangings of any size.



\"Copper3|| Copper and Rope. Copper is so on trend right now and I mean why not, it goes with everything and is easy to buy. These copper and Rope wall hangings are really easy but so stylish and will have everyone asking “where did you buy that”? ( to which you give a bashful smile)


\"fresh-ideas-diy-wall-decor-projects-steampunk-kitchen-design-superb-art-canvas-1024x1365\" 4|| Cut canvas. You could go as big as want with these. Paint them or decoupage them and even string fairy lights behind them. A great way of adding some texture to a wall.



\"6a01543277ddab970c01bb0801ba14970d-640wi\" 5|| Wool roving woven hanging.

I don’t think I would be able to resist touching this every time I walked by. I love the texture of it and it looks really high quality even though it\’s quite simple. A loom can be easily made from cardboard and it is a bit fiddly in places but that’s what the winter is for!


Hope you enjoyed these wall hanging and are inspired to do up that dreary blank wall or add a touch of style.


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