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5 Decorations To Hang On Your Door That Aren\’t Wreaths

Dec the doors with bows of holly … and ribbon..and frames!

Why not try something a little different this year to greet your guests and have a go at some unique door hangings (door decs, doorcerations?). Well, whatever you choose to call them I have a collection of some gorgeous examples and tutorials to make them yourself.

Like this frame garland from Arty Chicks Rule, what a simple idea and you could go with a gold or rose gold paint instead.

The Baubles and bows from Taryn Whiteaker are so elegant.

Get the kids involved and have them collecting pinecones and evergreen branches next time you’re out then make a door hanging like the one from Stampin on the Fly , a great option for glass or panelled doors and you could go to town on your ribbons, spray paints and embellishments.

Last but not least is the Santa hat from The Spores are Multiplying which you could have a lot of fun with, I have even seen them with elf feet sticking out and filled with candy canes!

So whether it’s baubles, frames or even Santa hats you fancy just get creative and don’t forget the big bow!

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