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6 Crafts For Nursing Homes

6 Crafts For Nursing Homes

by the craft cabin | Feb 3, 2022 | Inspiration | 0 commentscrafts for nursing homes

Keeping seniors engaged and interested can be difficult particularly if they reduced dexterity. Here is a list of 6 fun and engaging crafts!

1. Mosaics

Create something pretty and useful. A little help might be needed along the way but in the end they will have some beautiful to rest their cup of tea on!

2. Lollipop Stick Pen Holder

Cover your lollipop sticks in washii tape, paint them or leave them plain. You can use an empty toilet roll holder as your base or use the clever tutorial here

3. Button Letters

Paint or colour in your mdf heart and then embellish with ribbon and buttons. If the buttons are a bit small to hold and dip in glue then brush some glue on to the letter first and place buttons. Colourful and cheery!

4. Knotted Fleece Blanket or Cushion

Toasty warm and chunky enough that their should be no problem with knotting. For the blanket place two pieces of fleece on top of each. Cut into the edges approx 3inch at 1inch intervals. Hold the two strips together and tie a knot in them

For the pillow tie the pieces together but leave a small opening. Fill with stuffing and then tie shut.          Here are some other no-sew ways to finish your fleece blanket.

5. Yarn Bird

These little guys are so simple and fun to make! Create a cute robin from the garden or make up your own birds! There is a tutorial here you can follow.

 6. Scented Clay Decorations

Scented clay decorations are easy to make and don’t require any fine motor skills. Cut shapes with cookie cutters, decorate by pressing stamps or leaves and poke a hole in the top to hang a ribbon through. Once dry you can add a few drops of essential oil or paint to hang in the window instead.   Their is a tutorial here you can follow.

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