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5 Paper Flower Crafts

5 Paper Flower Crafts to Put a Spring in Your Step

5 Paper Flower Crafts to Put a Spring in Your Step

by the craft cabin | Feb 1, 2022 | Inspiration | 0 comments5 Paper Flower Crafts

Paper Flower

Paper crafting is one of the simplest yet versatile crafts out there. With such a low hurdle for beginners, it’s a perfect way to help your younger ones stretch their creative muscles. And what better way to welcome Spring than with some easy-to-make paper flower crafts?

Paper Flowers

1. Simple Origami Tulips

Origami can be a complex craft to first get into, but these simple paper tulips are so easy to make, even a total beginner will have no trouble. Better yet, you only need a single piece of paper, no glue or scissors required.

2. Folding Paper Flowers

Flowers come in many diverse colours and shapes, and these paper crafts are an excellent way to recreate that. These paper flowers are straightforward to make but allow for a great deal of experimentation with the type of paper and shapes you use.

Paper Flowers

3. Tissue Paper Flowers

These tissue paper flowers are a wonderful way to decorate wrapped gifts, but they’re versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of ways. Their simple yet elegant form is a sure way to add a dash of colour to any gift.

Paper Flowers

4. Spiral Paper Roses

These lovely paper roses may look complex, but they’re anything but. Fun and inexpensive to make, these paper roses do recommend the use of a glue gun, but you can easily use any other paper glue as an alternative, such as PVA glue.

Paper Flowers

5. Crepe Paper Daffodils

What flower is more associated with Spring than the daffodil? These paper daffodils are on the more elaborate end of our spectrum but shouldn’t require any more experience than any other paper craft. They can also be kept in either a pot or vase to really brighten up a room.

Hopefully these are enough to get you thinking about all the creative ways you can bring a little piece of Spring into your home. All the materials needed are readily available here in our store, so be sure to browse and see what kinds of paper you can incorporate into your paper crafts.

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