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5 Beautiful Buntings

Bunting is so versatile. It can cheer up a room, add the final touch for a celebration and even make a room your very own.

Here is some bunting inspiration so you are covered all year round.


I love a bit of mini-bunting. It looks great on a fireplace at Christmas or any other time of the year. I even have it hanging on my low door frames to remind people to duck!. Here is a lovely tutorial on how to make your very own mini bunting and don\’t forget you can go as mini as you want.




\"paperTeeny-tiny bunting

This tiny paper bunting is fabulous on a birthday cake or even cupcake. You can get some lovely papers and go to town with these. Customise it for young or old, boy or girl and write a message on it too. Here is a tutorial to make your very own. If you are sewer you can sew along the top of the pennants with your sewing machine.




\"noNo Sew Oil-cloth bunting

Perfect for an outdoor party. The oilcloth with stay happy in an Irish summer and would look fantastic strung with fairy lights. If you want it to last longer oilcloth has a habit of curling so I would advise sewing bias binding up the sides. Click here for instructions to make your very own no-sew bunting.

Top tip: If you do use your sewing machine, place tape on the underside of your machine foot and this will stop the oilcloth sticking.

\"\"Easy Sewing Bunting

If you are a beginner at sewing and want a nice project to practice this easy bunting is the one for you. It is a one-sided bunting with pinked edges so no turning to worry about. Here is a tutorial to help you out. This is also a great way to do felt bunting.



\"\"Felt Bunting

Felt is a lot of fun. it is easy to work with and is heavy enough to hold a lot of embellishments. It doesn\’t fray which means you can also save a lot of time for important things like decorating! Here is a fabulous how-to for a Halloween bunting but this would also be great if you wanted to make a themed bunting for your child\’s bedroom (think superheroes or princesses) or for an Easter theme.


Hope you are inspired to make your very own custom bunting.


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