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6 Common Crochet Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

Whether it’s lopsided scarves, bunched-up jumpers, or falling apart granny squares we are all guilty of making a few blunders when it comes to crocheting. Nothing is more disheartening than spending all that time and effort on a fab project only to have the finished project added to the pile marked “I’ll figure out some use for it”!

Here are a few common mistakes and how to fix them so that pile shall never be added to again.

1. Problem: The finished piece is out of shape and won’t lie flat

Solution: Blocking. It can be a pain but blocking really is our friend. Spray water on to your finished piece until its good and wet and pin to something flat the desired shape. Once it’s dry it will be exactly how you imagined it.


2. Problem: Struggling to get the hook into the starting chain


Solution: When starting crochet you are so focused on getting the yarn over in the right way that your hands get tenser and tenser. Relax have a glass of wine and try again. You will find your stitches loosen up as you do. If a glass of wine just ain’t gonna cut it use a larger hook size for your foundation chain and move to the correct size for the rest.

3. Problem: Following a pattern.

Solution: Read the pattern. I know how it is. You are all excited you have this fab new project and want to get going but reading the pattern first can make it go much more smoothly. First, I tend to improvise (because I know best ;D) only to find out that the pattern is written that way for a reason, and so the ripping begins. Second, if there is a new stitch, I want the time to figure it out first before I’m on a roll!

How to Read a Pattern

4. Problem: Why is there a single crochet and what is it?
Crochet abbreviations

Solution: If there is a sc in the pattern it’s American. Make sure to check if you are working a US or UK pattern before you start and adjust accordingly.

5. Problem: My Granny Squares are more Granny Triangles!

Solution: This happens when you are starting your row from the wrong stitch, or putting your turning chain in the wrong place. Count your stitches (I know its tedious) but will save you a lot of heartache.

6. Problem: It was so pretty before it fell apart!


Solution: In my early crocheting days I made a HUGE blanket for my family. I merrily tied all the tails together, cut them, and thought I was done. Over time, that blanket slowly became individual doll blankets. While adorable I was so embarrassed! I learned you have to weave in all your ends. Not only does it make the finished piece smoother but the dolls will be going cold!

Here are few techniques to weave in ends or avoid them altogether

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