Activity Card



Suitable for a range of crafting activities this Premier Activity card comes in all the colours of a rainbow.

Quite strong, weighing at 160gsm-180gsm, this activity card is suitable for use in printers and can be recycled.


This kit contains 4 letters, LOVE. Each letter is 10cm high x 1cm deep.

Asparagus GreenAsparagus GreenAsparagus GreenBaby BlueBaby BlueBaby BlueBlackBlackBlackBright OrangeBright OrangeBright OrangeIvoryIvoryIvoryLilacLilacLilacParrot GreenParrot GreenParrot GreenPinkPinkPinkRedRedRedTurquoiseTurquoiseTurquoiseWhiteWhiteWhiteYellowYellowYellow
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Activity Card

Asparagus Green, Baby Blue, Black, Bright Orange, Ivory, Lilac, Parrot Green, Pink, Red, Turquoise, White, Yellow

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