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Choose The Glue For You!

With a wide variety of glue out there it can sometimes be impossible to choose the right one for your project. Will this hold? will this stain? will this curl up at the edges and go off and cry in the corner? We have all been there.

Don’t worry we are here to help you choose the perfect glue that will finish off your project beautifully.

PVA Glue 500mlPVA

PVA is one of the most versatile glues. It can be used on a lot of surfaces. Its great for basic crafts and safe for children (not to mention easy to clean up). It is white in the bottle but dries clear making it easier to use. Be careful though because most types are not waterproof.

  • SCHOOL GLUE: Great for kids and washes off easily. Dries clear.
  • CRAFT/ HOBBY GLUE:  A slightly stronger formulation which dries faster –use when you need a firmer bond
  • STENCIL GLUE: A repositionable glue great for stencils and temporary placement
  • CLEAR: Clear PVA for smaller projects or mixing with glitters

Ge the kids involved with some fun PVA projects

Mod Podge GlossDecoupage Glue – mod podge

Mod Podge is an absolute must to have in your arsenal. Use an adhesice for your decoupage, papercraft, etc but also as a sealant and varnish.

Mod Podge comes in a variety of glues Including:
  • OUTDOOR – Waterproof
  • FABRIC – Who says decoupage is just for paper. Upcycle clothes and hats. Create bowls and homewares and even smarten up that car interior!
  • GLITTER/ PEARL – Add a touch of sparkle to your piece
  • MATT – Want nothing to distract from your creation?
  • GLOSS – Catch people eyes with a luxury lustre

Beautiful ideas for mod podge here

303 Paper AdhesiveAerosol Glue

There are different levels of spray adhesive from temporary to extra strength. Spray adhesives are great if you are covering large areas such as mounting pictures. Be careful you don’t use too much though as it can leak through to the other side and also use in a well ventilated area.

Repositionable spray adhesive is lovely for planning out an awkward or oversized piece and saves a lot of heartaches!

Great idea for some sparkly loveliness here

Hi-Tack Fabric GlueFabric Glue

The one and only for those quick repairs and sewing projects. Use this glue to hem trousers, make small fabric projects and glue fabric embellishments.

Check out this lovely clutch for project inspiration

cool glue gunGlue Gun

Hot glue guns are one of the strongest and most durable glues out there. A really great all-rounder but be warned they can be a bit messy and can show through fabrics. Fast-drying and super strong not only do they glue brilliantly but also can be used for tonnes of projects!

Learn to make some personalised art here

If you are still not sure what would suit you we have lots of glues in store and know how to use them!

Best of luck crafting xx

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