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7 Unicorn Games For Your Next Birthday Party

7 Unicorn Games For Your Next Birthday Party

The mythical unicorn is so popular with young children these days. If you have a little one who adores these magical horses, here are a few ideas to get a unicorn party started!

1. Pin the Tail on the Unicorn

A fun twist on a classic game, it’s easy enough to either purchase a large poster and colourful tail to pin onto it or make your own.

2. Horn Party Hats

To tie in with the theme, you can get the kids involved with making their very own unicorn party hat! Provide some blank party hats and some paints or washable markers, glitter, and stickers.

3. Unicorn Pinata

Pinatas are always a big hit at a party, and there are plenty of wonderful unicorn ones for you to pick from!

4. Colour-In Unicorn

For more creative kids, why not print out a few blank unicorn templates to colour in? You could even pin the finished products onto a pinboard to display during the party.

5. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are so wonderfully flexible with how you can tie them into your theme. For this one, hiding some colourful sweets or other sparkly items would work.

6. Horn Ring Toss

Test your skill with this unicorn-themed ring toss game! This can be played with a simple plastic horn and rings, or there are inflatable variations available that allow the horn to be worn without getting hurt by the rings.

7. Photobooth

To finish off the party, a photoshoot with some unicorn props and accessories is a fantastic way to make some mementos for the guests to bring home with them.

Hopefully, this helps to make your unicorn-themed party the most magical it can be!

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