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5 Mother’s Day Cards for Kids

5 Mother’s Day Cards for Kids

Show your appreciation this mother’s day with a wonderful handmade card! Here are a few ideas for your little ones to help get their creativity flowing..

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1. Pop Up Cupcake Card

A unique and easy to make card, this cupcake card is so sweet with an included photo of your little one, perfect for showing mum some love!

2. Butterfly Handprint Card

These adorable butterfly cards are made from handprints to give it an extra personal touch. They’re also great for customizing with your own stickers, googly eyes or little pom-poms.

5 Mother’s Day Cards for Kids

3. Crown Card

You’d never guess these beautiful crown cards were made with a simple toilet paper roll! Cheap to make and easy to do, it’s perfect for when you have some rolls in need of recycling.

5. Flower Pot Card

These cards are a little more involved, but with the included templates they shouldn’t be too difficult. The end result is more than worth it though, these lovely flower pot cards are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

5. Flower Vase Card

Add some 3D to make your cards really pop with this flower vase card! Better yet, these flowers won’t wilt any time soon, so you can enjoy them whenever you want.

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