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UV resin For Beginners

UV Resin How To

Welcome to UV Resin! follow our simple how to below to start on your creative resin journey

You Will Need:

  • UV Resin
  • UV Light
  • Mould
  • Jewellery Findings
  • Foil, filling, pigments
  • Gloves
  • Mixing Sticks
UV Resin How To

Step 1

Gather all your equipment together, lay out some cloth or paper to work and and dont forget your gloves!

Step 2

Add metal flakes, shapes, glitter or even small flowers to your  mould with tweezers or stick. 

Tip: Use a small amount of resin first if you need it to stay in place

Step 3

Slowly add your resin on top of your filling. Choose a single colour, clear or pour one colour then another for a two tone effect

Tip: Use a lighter if their are bubble on the surface.

UV Resin How To

Step 4

Place your design under the UV light for 5 minutes, until it has cured. It will be hard and not sticky when cured. 

Step 5

To attach your resin piece onto jewellery, place a small amount of resin as ‘glue’ onto your  and place back under the UV light

Step 6

Enjoying creating lots of resin goodies!

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