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A Creative Summer Fun For All!

Play craft bingo with us this summer and keep your crafty fingers busy and your crafty mind inspired! Follow our weekly prompts and mark your bingo card as you make some lovely creations. Craft Bingo is for all ages and skill levels no matter the type of craft you are into or where you are in the country (world!)

Every Tuesday morning we announce the prompt for the week on our social media. And the following Monday we’ll post up a round up of any pics we get sent in. Throughput the week we’ll show you what we’ve made in the shop and share some ideas on what you could make.

We hope the promts give you a push to try something different. Sometimes its good to get our of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves. Use what you have at home but you know where we are if you need any supplies!

Who and what?

Craft Bingo is for everyone! No matter your age or ability we want everyone to get involved and create with us this Summer. Use our prompts to loosly to make what’s in your head (and heart).

We think kids especially will enjoy Craft Bingo!

You can use any medium – knit, paint, glue/stick, mixed media, embroidery, sewing, drawing, the list is endless! Maybe now is the time to tray a new craft or challenge yourself to brush up your skills on a craft you haven’t done in the while.

How To Play

  • Grab a bingo sheet in-store, print it (below) or save it
  • Create something from the prompt each week – check our Tuesday socials
  • Send us a photo, drop in to show us, or tell us about what you made!
  • Get a reward sticker in-store or mark it yourself at home
  • Claim your prize if you get a full house and can shout ‘BINGO’!
  • Follow us on social media for weekly round-ups and inspiration

Bingo Card

Download you bingo card here or drop into us to get your free copy

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