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Top 7 Crochet Edges to Finish in Style

Crochet edges can say a lot about your project. Fun and whimsical or elegant and light it is well worth trying new edges or If you are just started learning crochet, the tips and tricks to make your own patterns in the future.

Here are some patterns to get you started. They range in skill levels but don’t be worried too push yourself as once you get the hang of them you will be flying!

1: Shell Stitch Edging


A classic, the shell stitch edging is a great beginner edging for your first granny blanket.  Easy to adjust to different amounts of stitches your blanket has, this pattern will get you use to edging and finishing.

2: Pom-Pom Edges

This is an easy stitch for a crochet beginner and looks great too.

This bobble stitch would be a cute way to finish a child\’s or baby blanket. It\’s a lovely and tactile for little fingers to play with.

2: Blanket Spike Stitch

Some crochet stitches are ideal for using to make edgings. The spike stitch (or blanket stitch) is one example. Spike stitches make interesting edgings, especially when combined with ordinary single crochet stitches. A nice combination for a crochet border is to work three single crochet then a spike stitch, repeating across the row.

4: Flutterby Edging

This is a more complex pattern but so lovely. I would use a finer cotton or tightly woven wool as not to lose definition.

This pattern is ideal to trim a tea towel or hand towel.

The free pattern is available here.

5: Bobble Stitch

Similar to the shell stitch but less spread out, this bobble stitch it looks great with a super chunky yarn or King Cole Yummy. Cute and fast, this edging would be lovely with some bright colours too. Free pattern and instructions can be found here.

6: Triangle Picot

The picot edge is another technique that is great for beginners. Do a few rows of double crochet if you would like to add some depth

7. Wave

This elegant edging is an advanced technique but so worth it. Being a deep border it has quite the impact and no one will figure out how you have done it!

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