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How To Crochet An Owl

Crochet An Owl

You Will Need:

The Pattern

1. Dc 6 in a magic circle (6)

2. Inc around (two stitches in every space) (12)

3. [Dc, inc] x 6 (Dc in one stitch, Dc2 in next 6 times) (18)

4. [Dc, inc, dc] x 6 (Dc in one stitch, Dc2 in next, Dc in one stitch, 6 times) (24)

5. [Inc, dc 3] x 6 (Dc2 in one stitch, Dc in next 3, 6 times) (30)

6-17. Place a stitch marker. Dc around (30) (total 12 rounds)


Cut two 1 inch circles out of white felt. Fold them in half and make a small cut to insert the safety eye. Don’t attach the back yet though!

Pinch the top of the owl together and line up the stitches evenly, with your last stitch of round 17 on the right hand side.

Attach the eyes in the center, 3 stitches apart between rounds 12-13 and glue the outer edges of the felt in place.


Pick up where you left your yarn.

Ch 2, sl st in same stitch and the stitch that is lined up behind it. This creates the first ear.

Continue to sl st in each stitch across to close the top, adding stuffing as you go.

After you complete the last sl st, ch 2 and sl st in the same stitch to create the other ear. Fasten off and weave in the end.


Cut a small triangle piece out of yellow felt.

Glue between the eyes. You can choose to put it underneath or on top of the eyes, I think it looks cute both ways!

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