Ricorumi 25g



Rico Ricorumi 100% cotton yarn is perfect for crocheting cute Amigurumi creatures and soft childrens toys. There is a wide range of colours available. This yarn is very easy to handle for beginners and the small yarn size means that many colours can be indulged in.

001 White001 White001 White002 Cream002 Cream002 Cream003 Light Grey003 Light Grey003 Light Grey004 Grey004 Grey004 Grey005 Vanilla005 Vanilla005 Vanilla006 Yellow006 Yellow006 Yellow007 Pastal Pink007 Pastal Pink007 Pastal Pink008 Rose008 Rose008 Rose009 Coral009 Coral009 Coral010 Smokey Rose010 Smokey Rose010 Smokey Rose011 Pink011 Pink011 Pink012 Candy pink012 Candy pink012 Candy pink013 Raspberry013 Raspberry013 Raspberry014 Fushia014 Fushia014 Fushia015 Berry015 Berry015 Berry016 Orchid016 Orchid016 Orchid017 Lilac017 Lilac017 Lilac018 Violet018 Violet018 Violet019 Mauve019 Mauve019 Mauve020 Purple020 Purple020 Purple021 Salmon021 Salmon021 Salmon022 Light Salmon022 Light Salmon022 Light Salmon024 Smokey Orange024 Smokey Orange024 Smokey Orange025 Fox025 Fox025 Fox026 Tangerine026 Tangerine026 Tangerine027 Orange027 Orange027 Orange028 Red028 Red028 Red031 Sky Blue031 Sky Blue031 Sky Blue032 Dark Blue032 Dark Blue032 Dark Blue033 Light Blue033 Light Blue033 Light Blue034 Denim034 Denim034 Denim037 Ice Green037 Ice Green037 Ice Green038 Patina038 Patina038 Patina041 Mint041 Mint041 Mint042 Emerald042 Emerald042 Emerald043 Ivy043 Ivy043 Ivy050 Fir Green050 Fir Green050 Fir Green052 Light Brown052 Light Brown052 Light Brown053 Camel053 Camel053 Camel054 Ecru054 Ecru054 Ecru055 Beige055 Beige055 Beige056 Nugat056 Nugat056 Nugat057 Choc057 Choc057 Choc058 Silver Grey058 Silver Grey058 Silver Grey059 Mouse059 Mouse059 Mouse060 Black060 Black060 BlackGold LameGold LameGold LameSilver LameSilver LameSilver Lame
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