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House Doorstop How-To and Pattern

House Doorstop Sewing Pattern

We just love sharing the joy here in the craft cabin and that means when we find something really lovely to make we want you to know how to make it too! We have a free pattern for this gorgeous house doorstop, Enjoy!

Materials Needed:

  • 4 corresponding pieces of fabric 
  • Interfacing to cover above fabric
  • Ribbon, buttons and embellishments, zip
  • You will also need a bag or rice and stuffing.

This house doorstop can be customised with fabric and embellishments to whatever you want, gingerbread, barn, cottage or shed, it can be uniquely yours and don’t even start me with fun on trimmings!

How To Make

1. Iron the interfacing onto the fabric (this stiffens the fabric) The rough shiny side has the glue on, so this faces onto the ‘wrong’ side of your fabric – cover it with a cloth before ironing. has the glue on, so this faces onto the ‘wrong’ side of your fabric – cover it with a cloth before ironing.

2. Draw out pattern pieces on paper, as overleaf. Place pattern pieces onto fabric; pin or draw around and carefully cut out. Be sure to lay out ALL pattern pieces onto fabric before you start cutting, to ensure you have the largest pattern piece on the largest pieces of fabric.

3. Cut out doors, windows, & any other embellishments you choose, from the leftover scraps. Choose the front of your house and sew on the door, windows, button door handle etc. Sew any windows etc onto the back or sides of your house.

4. Next, pin the 2 roof pieces together along one of the long edges, right sides, sandwiching the ribbon ‘chimney’ between them (raw edge of ribbon sticking up). Sew together.

5. Pin and sew the front to each of the sides, right sides together. Pin and sew the back to one of the sides. You now have a long line of pieces stitched together, side, front, side and back.

6. Pin and sew one of the long edges of the roof to the top of the front, right sides together. Pin and sew the roof to one of the (pointy) sides, right sides together. Pin and sew the roof to other (pointy) side, right sides together. Pin and sew the roof to the back, right sides together

TIP: You can add some ric-rac or pom poms to the straight part of the roof to add decoration

7. Pin and sew the back to the final side. You now have an inside out house, without a base.

8. Place both pieces of the base right side to right side. Sew down long side. Open and flatten down either side of the seam. Pin your zip onto the wrong side of the fabric so that you are looking at the back of both the zip and fabric. Sew down either side of zip. Turn over and unpick the stitches that hodl the fabric together, revealing the zip.


Tips & Tricks

  • Incorporate different materials like fake flowers at the windows, roving for smoke coming out of the chimney or clay birds on the roof
  • Use denim fabric for a more masculine house
  • To add some weight, put rice or sand in a sandwich bag and stuff it, then finish sewing up.
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