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7 Quick and Simple Cards to Make for Any Occasion

Cards can be a wonderful way of expressing birthday wishes, saying thank you, or to celebrate special occasions. Though you could just as easily buy a readymade card, handmaking one yourself really adds that personal touch. Here are a few of our favourite card crafts to make, easy enough that even complete beginners can do them!

1. Washi Tape Birthday Cards

These washi tape birthday cards are so easy to make, all you need is some card, scissors, and a few different types of washi tape.

2. Paper Banner Birthday Card

A quick and easy way to create an elegant birthday card, this paper banner card allows for so much flexibility with its design.

3. Woven Wishes Card

By weaving some colourful patterned paper through a card, you can achieve such a lovely effect! This card has the benefit of looking complicated while being fairly simple to make.

10 Quick and Simple Cards to Make for Any Occasion

5. Pop Up Card

Pop up cards are an excellent way of adding some dimension to even the simplest card designs. They’re also endlessly customizable, you can change it to suit any occasion you need

6. Recycled Magazine Cards

These cards are amazing if you have a stack of old magazines gathering dust somewhere. By cutting out various bits from them, you can create a lovely collage for your cards.

7. 3D Christmas Tree Card

This 3D Christmas tree card showcases how you can get such a fantastic effect by just some simple paper folding. It’s such a quick and easy way to add a bit of pop to your cards.

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