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6 Cocktails for Your Next Party – With or Without Alcohol

6 Cocktails for Your Next Party – With or Without Alcohol

Cocktails are a great way to really tie a party together. Your guests will love sipping away at some colourful and tasty drinks – we’ve even included some non-alcoholic options for those who don’t want to be left out! So here are 6 of our favourite cocktails for your next party, both with and without alcohol.

1. Spirit Free Bellini (Non-Alcoholic)

This spirit-free Bellini will have you thinking of summer with its sweet peach flavour and bright orange hue.

  1. In a champagne flute or cocktail glass add 60ml of peach nectar.
  2. Top off with some sparkling apple cider.
  3. Garnish with a juicy peach slice.

2. Blue Raspberry Faux-tini (Non-Alcoholic)

A vivid blue non-alcoholic cocktail with a sour kick thanks to the lemon and lime.

  1. Chill a martini glass or coupe.
  2. In a cocktail shaker add ice, 60ml blue raspberry punch, 15ml lemon juice, and 7ml lime juice.
  3. Shake to chill.
  4. Strain into chilled glass.
  5. Garnish with a cherry and lemon wheel.

3. A Touch of Green (Non-Alcoholic)

A wonderful alcohol-free twist on the classic Irish coffee.

  1. In a cocktail shaker add ice, 30ml Irish creme coffee creamer, 15ml cinnamon simple syrup, 7ml rum extract, 7ml caramel syrup, and 180-240ml of iced coffee.
  2. Shake well until caramel syrup has dissolved.
  3. Strain into cocktail mug or highball over fresh ice.
  4. Garnish with whipped cream and some ground nutmeg.

4. Piña Colada Sangria (Alcoholic)

One sip of this Piña Colada Sangria will transport you straight to the tropics with its fun and fruity flavour.

  1. In a large pitcher combine 750ml white wine, 500ml pineapple juice, 250ml seltzer, 250g chopped pineapple, 125ml coconut rum, and 60g maraschino cherries.
  2. Refrigerate until chilled.
  3. Garnish with a chunk of pineapple and serve.

5. Mermaid Mules (Alcoholic)

This fun Mermaid Mule has a tangy flavor and is the perfect complement to your average Moscow Mule.

  1. Divide 180ml vodka, 90ml blue curaçao, and 90ml lime juice between 3 glasses and stir to combine.
  2. Fill glasses with ice and top off each drink with ginger beer.
  3. Garnish with lime rounds and a small paper umbrella, if using.

6. Cuba Libre (Alcoholic)

A Cuba Libre adds a lovely lime kick to the good old-fashioned rum and coke.

  1. To a large liquid measuring cup, add 90ml spiced rum, 1 can of cola, and some lime juice and stir.
  2. Pour over 2 ice-filled glasses.
  3. Garnish each glass with lime wedge.

And there you have it! 6 simple cocktails perfect for your next party, both with and without alcohol so you can drink away guilt-free. Which ones were your favourites?

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