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5 Crafts For Autumn Evenings

5 Crafts For Autumn Evenings

by Cabin Crew | May 28, 2020 | Inspiration | 0 comments

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The days are getting shorter and the air is getting colder but this is my favourite time of year!.
Nothing beats curling up in front of the fire (guilt-free) and crafting the evening away. Here are a few of my favourite crafts for Autumn evenings.

They are all:
1: Quiet
2: You don’t need a table
3: You don’t need to concentrate too much
4: Relaxing
5: Take time but you can still see progress (I get fed up otherwise!)

1: Needle Felting

To me, needle felting is all about cosiness and warm textures. Admittedly if you are not concentrating you can stab yourself but that just gives it a spice of danger!.

I’m obsessed at the moment with making a tailor mouse with a little pair of glasses and we have some lovely miniature furniture in that will just have to be used.  Last Autumn I made a dapper polar bear and feel he might be a bit lonely!

2: Handlettering

I’m sure we have all tried his at one stage or another but I have found lately I am just in the right headspace to relax and enjoy it.

Tina my co-crafter is amazingly talented at hand lettering and I have learnt to accept that mine will never be as good! I am particularly loving doodling the flowers and leaves. It used to frustrate me that mine would never be as neat (or legible) as the tutorial but once I let that go it has become my favourite mid-week chill-out routine.

3: Punch Needle

Punch Needle is a strange mix of needle felting, embroidery and latch-hook, all which made it on my list!. Using a punch needle tool, you weave your yarn through it and then punch it into the hessian or fabric. The side which you are working on creates smooth stitches (this is actually the back) and the front is full of lovely loops. The loops of yarn hold each other and stop it from unravelling.

A very relaxing craft and perfect to pick up and put down again.

4: Latch Hook Rug Making

Both pretty and practical latch hook involves using a tool to hook and knot pre-cut lengths of yarn through hooking mesh. It’s not as complicated as it sounds!. Not only is this very relaxing but will also keep your legs warm too.

My gran (who is 100 next year) often talks about how she and my grandad enjoyed this and would each start at an end and work their way to the middle!. This is another craft that is perfect to put down and come back to without losing your place.

5: Diamond Dotz Painting

Ok, admittedly this one might need a tray or a table but its too nice to leave out!. Diamond Dotz are tiny crystals that you pick up with a tool with wax on the end. You place them on your pattern following the design. Not a complicated craft but very satisfying and a great one to do with older kids too.

The kits come in all sizes from small cards to larger pictures and in a variety of designs.

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