Fun With Fat Quarters!

They’re fun, funky and FAT! Here, we explain what is a fat quarter and suggest a few great projects for you to try with these handy little bundles!

Fat_Skinny_Quarter_Diagram.pngSo, why fat? Generally, it is a square quarter of a metre of fabric. A standard quarter of a metre of fabric would be cut as a 25cm strip of the full width, and this is often called a skinny or thin quarter. But if you folded a full metre of fabric into quarters and cut along the folds, you would get a square ‘fat’ quarter, giving the same surface area as a thin quarter but in a square shape. Ta Da! A Fat Quarter! The actual size can vary slightly, depending on the initial width of the fabric roll. Also, some manufacturers measure by the yard, so their fat quarters would be slightly different sizes again.

Fat Quarters usually come in multi-packs of 5 to 8 different pieces. The main attraction of these packs is that the hard work is done for you as the fabrics are perfectly colour co-ordinated, so you do not have to find all the different pieces to use in project such as quilting. You will know that a pack will contain all the complimentary patterns and colours to make your project look amazing!

We found so many great projects to inspire us using these, and have chosen our fave five here!

An easy one to start with from Funky and Delightful blogspot – a really simple and fun mousemat made from just fabric, fusable web and cork! These would make great little gifts for any computer lover! Click here.

Do you have a collection of plastic bags in your house that need to be organised?! Well, how about keeping them together in this handy Grocery Bag Holder? These instructions from Phat Quarters show us how to make a home for your bags! Click here.

Rumour has it that the big yellow ball in the sky is going to make more of an appearance in the coming months, so be prepared and have your shades at the ready in this great Stitched Sunglasses Case from Create Craft Love. Click here.

With summer in mind, you’ll need something to put your book, suncream or picnic in! This drawstring backpack from Hobbycraft made with co-ordinating fabrics is really pretty and would also make a fun bag for the kids to put their teddies in! Click here.

Finally, this is a really neat idea from Polkadot Chaira pocket pillow! This cuddly pillow has a pocket on the front for putting a book or other small items into. Perfect for kids, travelling or lazing in the sun! Click here.

We have lots of ready-cut individual fat quarters or you can buy colour co-ordinated multi-packs in the shop. Pop in and have a look at our stock, or give us a call if there is something in particular you are looking for. We would love to hear if you have a go at one of these projects, or if you have another great idea for using fat quarters! Let us know and we will share!

Mum’s the Word!

It’s no secret that a hand-made gift from a child on Mother’s Day is always going to be a winner – especially if it’s presented with a cup of tea in bed in the morning!
Here are a few ideas to get the kids creative juices going – along with links to the original sources for all the instructions.

  • There is a big resource at Danielle’s Place with many different ideas, but we particularly like the “Mom, Thanks for Sticking by Me” Folding Craft Stick card!
  • For an easy but cute printable card – have a look at ‘5 Things I Love About My Mom’ card from The Bird Feed NYC. Print it out, colour it in and decorate with all your favourite embellishments!
  • Hand prints are always very effective in arty designs, and we found two great ideas to get those little palms covered in paint! Firstly, why not decorate a plant pot and put her favourite plant inside?
  • Another hand print idea is to create a personalised tote bag! We have these canvas bags in stock at The Craft Cabin, and these would be a great gift! At We Made there are step by step instructions for both the designs you see here.
  • Finally, why not create a picture frame out of lolly sticks for a photo, drawing or other art? Here are instructions from Buggy and Buddy that use jigsaw pieces to cover the frame, but buttons are very effective too!

DSC01915We have the canvas bags, lolly sticks, buttons, paint, card and many many other embellishments in stock – so call in and pick up your supplies or give us a call if there is something specific your are looking for.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Valentine Crafts for Kids and Teens

Even if you may not celebrate Valentine’s Day yourself, it is still a great excuse to get crafty with the kids! Teens also love making little gifts from the heart, so here we have collected 10 great projects – 5 for little kids and 5 for older ones. But don’t feel as though you can’t make them for yourself too – there’s no age restrictions on having fun!

Five Fun Kids Crafts


First up is a cute Toilet Roll Love Bug from Red Ted Art, making use of your empty toilet rolls and any other crafty bit and pieces you have in your craft box!

Wear your heart on a string! This Pom Pom Hearts Garland from Kids Play Box is so simple and so pretty.

Kids love using their hands to cut around, and this Flowering Tree From a Kid’s Hand from is very cool!

These beautiful little Paper Roses from Dozi Design can be used to make a table decoration or maybe attach them to some twigs and make a bouquet!

If your little person loves making other little people (out of paper), then this video showing how to make a Paper Heart Person from Expert Village is sure to please!

And For The Teens…

Red Ted Art is always a great resource for ideas, and these 3D Paper Hearts are a great example. Decorate them any way you choose, and maybe string them together to make a mobile or garland.

Have you ever made a Pinata? Another brilliant project from Red Ted Art, this DIY Pinata Heart is really pretty and if you fill them with sweets they make a fun party game, and let’s face it – who doesn’t love to whack a pinata? (Although it seems a shame to destroy all that effort!)

Transform a simple hair band into a thing of beauty with pipe cleaners, coloured paper and a few embellishments! This video for a Valentines Day Hairband from Todays Parent shows you how.

Another video, this time from Ventuno Art, show us how to make a really clever DIY Heart Basket which you could fill with sweets or give as a gift. Weave away!


Finally, how about this DIY Paper Heart Wreath from Blooming Homestead? This is so simple yet so effective when completed. We thought this looked so cool, our lovely work experience student, Emma, made one for us!

Don’t forget to ask us if there is anything in particular you need for your projects. We have loads of materials in stock, but we are happy to track down anything specific if we can! Call us on 00 353 49 952 7424 or email