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How To Needle Felt a Felt Trivet

You can be creative as you want with this needle felt trivet or coaster. Use felt, fabric, roving and embroidery

You Will Need:

  • Roving
  • Felting Needles
  • Needle Felting Mat
  • Felt
  • Optional: Embroidery Floss and Needle

Step 1

Cut out a piece of felt approx 10-14cm in diameter.

Step 2

Plan your project out on a piece of paper and then lightly sketch on to your felt using a pencil

Step 3

Begin pulling tufts of roving and laying them down for your background. Start with thin layers. Tip: Never cut roving, pull it apart

Step 4

To create new colours or different shades, mix two or more colours together. Place tufts of each colour on top of each other and keep pulling the ends until they are mixed.

Step 5

Needle felt gently and keep adding layers. In this case some green for the hills. Make sure your are felting on top of a mat and inserting your needle straight down.

Step 6

Create blocks of colour and then add your details on top.

Step 7

To make these little rosettes twist two different colours together, needle felt the ends to your prject, twist again so that they curl in on themselves and then needle felt the other end in to secure.

Step 8

Use tufts of roving, embroidery, bits of fabric and felt to details and texture.

Step 9

To finish the edges, bring the roving around the edge and gently needl felt from the back making sure you are not pushing the fibres all the way through

Top Tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with your flowers or leaves. Any combination would look amazing.
  • If you find you have been felting a while and nothing is happening keep an eye on how far you are pushing the needle.
  • Try and keep your needle straight as you felt. If it starts to bend you are going in at an angle. This leads to broken needles which can be difficult to remove
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