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6 Ice Cream Party Ideas For A Chill Summer

6 Ice Cream Party Ideas For A Chill Summer

Keep cool this summer with some ice cream! Throwing an ice cream party is a great way to celebrate a birthday, baby shower, or anything else happening during the warm days of summer. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your own party.

1. Sundae Bar

The main attraction of an ice cream party – the ice cream! Set up a table with cups of various toppings, some cones, sweet sauces, and a cooler with a few different flavours of ice cream to pick from.

2. Themed Decorations

Spruce up the place with some pastel colours to get that sweet shop vibe. Alternatively, you could create or buy your own ice cream parlour decorations.

3. Ice Cream Cone Hats

A delightful way to get everyone in the mood is with some party hats made to look like ice cream cones! You can buy them wholesale, or even custom make your own.

4. Cookie Bowls

Cut down on clean-up by making up a few of these edible cookie bowls the night before. A perfect way to eat ice cream, and it’s sure to wow your guests.

5. Photo Booth

Capture some memories with a photo booth set up with some ice cream-themed props! Your guests will love taking pics with some fun giant ice cream cones.

6. Party Favours

At the end of the party, passing out some party favours to guests is a great way to close it out. You can give out some ice cream in jars for them to take home, a recipe for some homemade ice cream, or even just a fun little ice cream prop.

And there you have it! Some tips to get you started on your next summer party idea!

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