Whether your have been throwing you craft supplies left, right and centre trying to get your pressies ready for Christmas or (like me) your just a messy crafter, a tidy and organised craft area is a must.

It is the space you create, relax, inspire and re-group in and the worst thing is when you cant find what you want, ruining your creative flow.

Here are some super clever ways to keep you organised and crafting.


1: Keep it off the floor!


Just love this idea of using a hallway unit to organise all your fat quarters, yarns and tools.

This would also be great if your partition it and use it for storing paints or even notebooks and papers

 2:  Tapes & Ribbons



So this is a jewellery holder but a mug holder would work as well to keep you tapes and ribbons tidy.

If you feel like a bit of wordwork this would be so simple to make and you could make the arms even longer or chaarity shops often have these.

3:  Pegboards



Peg boards are so customisable for all your crafty bits and bobs and can also be cut into and shape you want for those awkward spaces on the wall.

If you want a blast of colour paint the background and then go mad with all the shelves, hooks and pegs.

4:  Papers and Pieces




I just know if I throw out that scrap of paper I am going to regret it!. Using magazine holders to keep your scraps together is a great idea. Organise them with colour coded labels or by pattern


5:  Awkward Shapes


Their are always those awkward shaped tools and craft supplies that dont fit anywhere! These towel racks from ikea with window boxes are such a clever idea and ,like the peg boards, you can add hooks and customise it endlessly.





Hope you are inspired to get tidying and organising (or at least look at some organising blogs!)


Enjoy xx

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