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Trimits Embroidery Thread


Trimits embroidery threads are 100% cotton (unless from metallic range). They are available in a large range of colours in a soft matt finish. Trimits embroidery threads are perfect for cross-stitch, long stitch, tapestry and general hand sewing. Each skein is comprised of 6 easily separated strands which allows the thickness of stitches to be adjusted by adding or taking away strands.

100% cotton

8 metres

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Trimits Embroidery Thread

GE0011, GE0017, GE0033, GE0045, GE0047, GE0053, GE0055, GE0057, GE0063, GE0073, GE0099, GE0112, GE0123, GE0124, GE0131, GE0132, GE0134, GE0141, GE0151, GE0153, GE0154, GE0211, GE0212, GE0213, GE0214, GE0221, GE0225, GE0231, GE0233, GE0241, GE0243, GE0245, GE0251, GE0253, GE0284, GE0292, GE0293, GE0296, GE0302, GE0304, GE0413, GE0417, GE0422, GE0426, GE0431, GE0435, GE0452, GE0455, GE0476, GE0501, GE0622, GE0624, GE0633, GE0664, GE0672, GE0674, GE0682, GE0685, GE0812, GE0815, GE0831, GE0836, GE0842, GE0844, GE0846, GE0851, GE0874, GE0915, GE0941, GE1053, GE1113, GE2317, GE3117, GE3121, GE3217, GE3221, GE3411, GE3413, GE3415, GE3421, GE3717, GE3821, GE3911, GE4119, GE5213, GE5217, GE5223, GE5309, GE5323, GE5903, GE5907, GE6113, GE6115, GE6321, GE6331, GE7211, GE7213, GE7311, GE7315, GE7319, GE8321, GE9345, GE9995, GE9997

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