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Trimits Embroidery Thread Red & Orange


Trimits embroidery threads are 100% cotton (unless from metallic range). They are available in a large range of colours in a soft matt finish. Trimits embroidery threads are perfect for cross-stitch, long stitch, tapestry and general hand sewing. Each skein is comprised of 6 easily separated strands which allows the thickness of stitches to be adjusted by adding or taking away strands.

100% cotton

8 metres

Trimits Embroidery Thread

GE0011 Yellow Variegated, GE0017 Orange Variegated, GE0033 Pink Variegated, GE0045 Purple Variegated, GE0047 Purple Variegated, GE0053 Ocean, GE0055 Ocean Variegated, GE0057 Light Blue Variegated, GE0063 Green Variegated, GE0073 Mid Green Variegated, GE0099 Rust Variegated, GE0112 Parchment, GE0123 Latte, GE0124 Taupe, GE0131 Ivory, GE0132 Greige, GE0134 Shadow, GE0141 Persian Orange, GE0151 Nude Brown, GE0153 Baroque, GE0154 Walnut, GE0211 Antique Cream, GE0212 Latte, GE0213 Pale Orange, GE0214 Dark Orange, GE0221 Teddy, GE0225 Tangerine, GE0231 Buttermilk, GE0233 Golden Oak, GE0241 Vanilla, GE0243 Soft Yellow, GE0245 Warm Yellow, GE0251 Chandelier, GE0253 Dark Grey, GE0284 Coyote Brown, GE0292 Peach, GE0293 Burnt Umber, GE0296 Chestnut, GE0302 Pastel Brown, GE0304 Olive, GE0413 Dark Orange, GE0417 Crimson, GE0422 Pastel Salmon, GE0426 Scarlet, GE0431 Fondant, GE0435 Vermillion, GE0452 Pastel Purple, GE0455 Magenta, GE0476 True Purple, GE0501 Flesh, GE0622 Pistachio, GE0624 Khaki Green, GE0633 Mint, GE0664 Oxley, GE0672 Pale Gold, GE0674 Evergreen, GE0682 Pastel Mint, GE0685 Cactus, GE0812 Pale Lavender, GE0815 Crocus Purple, GE0831 Silver Blue, GE0836 Navy Grey, GE0842 Baby Blue, GE0844 Cerulean Blue, GE0846 French Blue, GE0851 Faded Blue, GE0874 Ashley Blue, GE0915 Mouse Grey, GE0941 Mid Grey, GE1053 Variegated Grey, GE1113 Lemon Meringue, GE2317 Orange Red, GE3117 Salsa, GE3121 Shrimp, GE3217 Valentine Red, GE3221 Brilliant Red, GE3411 Pastel Pink, GE3413 Fuchsia Red, GE3415 Candy Pink, GE3421 Maroon, GE3717 Egypt Red, GE3821 Burgundy, GE3911 Rosehip, GE4119 Mulberry, GE5213 Powder Blue, GE5217 Ash Blue, GE5223 French Navy, GE5309 Glacier, GE5323 Bright Teal, GE5903 Aquamarine, GE5907 Pacific Blue, GE6113 Aqua, GE6115 Tealish, GE6321 Seaweed Green, GE6331 Bottle Green, GE7211 Pastel Green, GE7213 Mint, GE7311 Pale Teal, GE7315 Spring Green, GE7319 Teal, GE8321 Grass Green, GE9345 Tomato, GE9995 Black, GE9997 White



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