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Pony Crochet Hooks


Pony aluminium crochet hooks are available in a variety of sizes ensuring that you have the perfect hook for your project. They are manufactured from solid anodized aluminium which increases hardness and makes them amazingly smooth.
Pony crochet hooks are ergonomically designed to be comfortable in the hand meaning you can crochet until your heart’s content.

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Pony Crochet Hooks

2.5mm x 15cm, 2mm x 15cm, 3.5mm x 15cm, 3mm x 15cm, 4.5mm x 15cm, 4mm x 15cm, 5.5mm x 15cm, 5mm x 15cm, 6.5mm x 15cm, 6mm x 15cm, 7mm x 15cm, 8mm x 15cm, 9mm x 15cm



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