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Pony Circular Knitting Needles


Knit until your hearts content with these pony knitting needles!

Made from anodized solid aluminium, or from superior grade ABS plastic if over 7mm wide, these are lightweight and smooth helping you to complete your project quickly.
Pony circular knitting needles are kind to wrists and hands as the attached cable carries the bulk of the weight of your knitting project.

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Pony circular needles

10mm x 100cm, 2.75mm x 60cm, 3.25mm x 40cm, 3.25mm x 60cm, 3.75mm x 80cm, 3mm x 40cm, 3mm x 60cm, 4.5mm x 40cm, 4.5mm x 80cm, 4mm x 40cm, 4mm x 60cm, 5.5mm x 40cm, 5.5mm x 80cm, 5mm x 40cm, 5mm x 60cm, 5mm x 80cm, 6.5mm x 60cm, 6.5mm x 80cm, 6mm x 40cm, 6mm x 60cm, 6mm x 80cm, 7mm x 40cm, 7mm x 60cm, 7mm x 80cm, 8mm x 40cm, 9mm x 80cm



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