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Fun With Fleece!

Last week we talked about different fabrics and their uses, so this week we are focussing on one of those: Fleece! We realised there are so many uses and fun projects to be created using fleece, that we should make it our \’Product of the month\’!  Here you will find a bit more information on this warm, soft and easy to care for fabric, and some great new ideas to try – so let\’s have some fun with fleece!

Before you get started, there are some really useful tips and tricks on sewing with fleece over at Craftsy.com, which has advice on getting the best out of your machine and the fabric too. Click here to be enlightened!

Mary has made some beautiful blankets backed with fleece, as well as some no-sew cushions, and burp pads! But don\’t feel restricted, here are a few different ideas…!

The weather is (supposed to be) getting warmer, but a fashionable scarf is an essential accessory I think! If you want to make your own reversible cowl scarf, have a look at this link from Madiganmade.com.

Fleece Puppets! This link from Joann.com has free patterns and complete instructions to make a cat, bunny, lion, turtle and monster! They are so cute, and would make a brilliant personalised gift for kids!

Newborns and babies need a bit of extra warmth, and what would be better than a soft fleece hat with a ribbon that can be changed to match whatever outfit is worn? Fleecefun.com has free patterns to fit 3 different sizes, and has a video tutorial as well as written instructions!

Just imagine if you could make fleece even more warm, soft and cuddly! Well, it\’s easy when you make a diy fleece heating pad! At craftsalamode.com, they have cut a kitten shape and filled it with rice that can be microwaved to create a snuggly pad. This project can be used to make whatever shape or design you choose, so let your imagination run wild!

Not keen on sewing? No problem! How about trying this cute no-sew fleece octopus?! While She Naps is the blog which explains how to made it with easy step-by-step pictures too. I love this!

Finally, here\’s some more warm-wear, but this time – no sewing required! This blog from P-art-y explains how to create a no-sew hat and scarf using nothing but fleece and a few simple tools. It looks so simple!

Hopefully you are feeling inspired to try something new with fleece! Call into the shop and take your pick of  eight colours we have in stock: Baby Pink, Cerise Pink, Powder Blue, Royal Blue, White, Cream, Coffee, and Red.

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