Cool Christmas Crafts!

Ten creative ideas to make your Yule more Cool!

Time to break out the buttons, practice your papercraft, dabble in decoupage, pile on the paint, find your fave felt, crack on with the crochet, and bring on the baubles! We have found ten awesome projects for you to have fun with and make your home extra special this Christmas!

Fab Felts: These Candy Cane Mice from Martha Stewart are a great way to decorate the tree or give as party treats, and if you want to go a bit bigger you could try this amazing Felt Christmas Tree from which has lots of cute felt animals too!

Brilliant Baubles: Pins, buttons and poly balls are all you need for these easy Handmade Christmas Baubles from Or, if you are an owl lover, Just Craft Enough gets all sparkly to make a Glitter Owl Bauble!

Wonderful Wreaths: An Oregon provides all the instructions you need to make a gorgeous white woolly Pom Pom Wreath, or if you prefer paper-crafting, why not try an amazing 3D Paper Star Wreath – the full tutorial is from Little Birdie Secrets.

Cracking Crochet: Create your very own crocheted Reindeer Bust with this free pattern from (which also has a link to other cute Christmas characters!), and you can decorate the tree, hang in your windows, or make a mobile with these pretty Snowflake Ornaments. The free pattern is from Red

Joyful Jars: Winter luminaries look so cozy around the home and make a great gift too! Crafts By Amanda show us how to make a beautiful Snowy Pinecone Candle Jar, and Adventure In A Box shows us how to easily create Magical Christmas Lanterns using only paint and a marker!

We have lots of these materials in the shop, so do pop in to have a look, and if there any other materials you need to achieve these (or any other!) project, just give us a call or message us on Facebook. Happy crafting!



Halloween Sorted in 5 Easy Steps!

(or, How to find some last minute inspiration to spookify your home!)

Help! Halloween is just around the corner! But don’t worry, there’s still time to make some scary adjustments to your life, as The Craft Cabin will point you towards a few simple craft ideas to make Halloween less daunting…

  • No-Carve Pumpkins – totally avoid the sticky pumpkin juice mess and finding stray pumpkins seeds stuck in the carpet. Did you see the minion that Aileen made in the shop?
  • Jack-o-lantern wine (or juice) glasses! – If you’re having a party, why not make your glasses more ghoulish?
  • Halloween hang-ups – print out these free templates and create floating, spinning, spooky faces sure to liven up any party!
  • Felt and button skull brooches –easy instructions to make cute but scary (is that possible?) brooches to cover your clothes, bags, curtains…ok, I’m getting carried away now.
  • Little Monster Trick or Treat bag – these great tote bags can be personalised for each little monster in your family! 

There are lots of kits, decorations and embellishments in the shop to help you make this Halloween a craft filled one, and I am sure you have many more brilliant ideas and tips so please let us know on our Facebook page and we will be delighted to share your creations!