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Best Day Ever!

So 20 days ago we opened up our doors and began our mission to craftify* Cavan and beyond. And it’s been brilliant. We’ve had great compliments about our shop, sold lots of lovely stock and we’re now getting bookings for our workshops.

But I’m not happy.

You see, while Aileen and mum have been making quilts, wall art, mice pincushions, cards, decorative letters, scarves, owl toys, button art, crocheted blankets and lots of other crafty stuff, I’ve been up to my fingers in paper.

Not beautiful decorative paper but invoices, account application forms, bank registrations, credit card readings and lots of other boring business-like stuff. All important, essential work but completely non-creative and frankly, boring.

On Sunday I had enough.

Dressed in my ratty t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, I came down to our workroom and got my creative on. Mainly I decoupaged but hey, it was blissful. I painted, glued, sewed, cut, drew, sanded and created to my heart’s content.
Needless to say I had the best day ever.

Below are some of the bits I was working on. I’m more of a starter than a finisher so there’s still work to be done on these….


  • \’W\’ butterfly wall art – going to finish by putting the words \’spread your wings\’ on the bottom right
  • Love heart – tried out a little Autentico cracquelure for that aged, crakling effect. The heart is a little big for the elements but I\’ll fill some of the spaces with something.
  • Vases – the blue one in the background is what I started with – and old ornament no longer matching my living room. I repainted and decoupaged. The pink strip at the top was a happy accident, as I chiped the top of one and needed to hide it!


  • Circles box – decoupaged with napkins and outlined with my favourite Sharpie
  • Flower canvas – I only cut the paper petals today so just arranging them on the canvas now. The cream is lovely and rich and I think it will work lovely with the colours and finish I have in mind
  • Painted pieces – Hidden Treasures \’donated\’ some signs to us so I painted them. I also painted an old cookbook holder that was painted in chalkboard paint and then I tried painting an IKEA photo frame. The shiny vinyl might be too much for my chalk paint. I\’m going to try flipped, printed tranfers on these I think.

So that\’s it for my Sunday session. Hopefully, I\’ll get around to finishing them! Any suggestions on different or better ways to do these, let me know in the comments.


*Craftify – verb, to craft like a mad woman. It’s not in the ‘real’ dictionary but all you crafters know what this means!

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