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Top 5 Last Minute Gifts, (made in 10 min or less!)

Top 5 Last Minute Gifts, (made in 10 min or less!)

by Cabin Crew | Nov 6, 2019 | Inspiration | 0 comments

Need a quick teacher’s gift? or maybe just remembered that cousin you don’t see much is coming home for Christmas? These last-minute gifts are great in a hurry or just if you are short on time and need a little stash to tuck away.

1: Hot Chocolate Baubles

Love this idea and a thoughtful gift for young and old. Better yet include two and sit and share a wonderful memory with a loved one under the twinkling lights of a Christmas Tree. This also would work well for the foodie in your life, just use spices and herbs instead.

Here are some great ideas.

2: No Sewing Machine Fabric Flowers

These fabric flowers would look fabulous in Christmas fabrics and perfect to jazz up that hat or even decorate your extra special presents. No sewing machine is required, just a needle and thread, glue and 10 minutes.

Find out more here

3: Handmade Tic-Tac-Toe

An adorable little set that will keep the kids entertained while you digest your dinner or even better, get them making their own!

Find out how to make them here

4: Mini Notebooks (with free printables)

I always have a trusty notebook with me for notes, lists and ideas but it can get a bit heavy. These gorgeous little delights are perfect for a pocket and would be great as a set of three!

Learn how to make them and get the free printables here

5: Chalk Paint Mugs

Enjoy letting loose your artistic side in the morning or leave a message (whether it be “love you” or “don’t forget to empty the bin”!). Such a simple idea but as personal as you want to make it. Include a packet of chalk or chalk markers to complete the pressie.

Learn how to make them here

Hope you enjoyed our top 5 last-minute gifts that can be made in no time at all and enjoy the smugness of pulling a gift out of thin air!

We love to see our talented customer’s crafty creations so please send us any of your photos on facebook or tag us on Instagram. Hope your feeling inspired and happy crafting!


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