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There\’s a Spring in my Step

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen. You might not believe me but Spring is on the way and for us crafty people that means loads of new projects to plan.

Today I’m sharing with you our favourite kids Spring crafts for you to help keep them (and you) entertained on those rainy days.

Starting with these cute Red Ted Art cardboard necklaces. This uses a great technique that adults would be interested in too and I wouldn’t stop there.  Think of the frames and boxes, even notebooks, that could be decorated.

What better way for your kids to let of steam then making lots of bubbles. These brill Bubble Butterflies are perfect for the kids to let loose their creativity and have some fun.

While this  Egg Shell Seed Starter may not be your normal kid’s craft I think if you got them involved putting faces on all the eggs and looking after and watering them it could a lovely project to do together (plus they might learn to do the weeding in the garden too!)

This really pretty Flower Suncatcher can be made by any age. Go on a nature scavenger hunt and find pretty bits to go inside. They will brighten up any window (even when it isn’t sunny).

I adore these cute little guys. These PomPom Bunnies are easy enough to make and are fantastic. The naming alone is bound to keep the kiddies entertained and they can make them in all the colours of the rainbow.

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