Ok, it might not be “great” but it sure was a lot of fun!

Taragh rounded up a table of random crafty goodies and some of our fabulous new stock and Taragh, Julie and Kris were sent forth to create. We each had an hour and a half. Here are our results.


Julie had some mdf pieces, a box frame, cog embellishments and paint. The box frames a re perfect for making a really personal gift and big enough that you can really go to town layering and making something truly unique. Pictures are only the start of what you can use these frames for.

The cog embellishments are just lovely, made from metal they have a gorgeous rust patina on them and give depth and texture to this multimedia piece that finished it beautifully.

To learn how Julie made this fabulous frame check out her blog post here


Kris chose fabric, stamps, brads, and corkboards. Corkboard is very versatile and well as making a lovely trivet to keep your table respectable they are perfect mini-notice boards.

Stamps are great fun to play with, you can use all sorts of paints with them, not just ink, and take advantage of all the lovelies out there.

While the fabric could be sewn we only had an hour and a half, thank god for glue guns! (also a lot of fun :D)

To learn how Kris made this triple mini notice board check out her blog post here.


Taragh had an mdf heart, papers, flowers, and a photo.

She achieved great textures with the card and used some very clever skills to get a fantastic 3d effect.

Chalk paint was used for a gentle background and then acrylic paint was used with a spritz bottle for a romantic water-colour effect.

Layering all these different mediums gives an amazing end result that anyone can do.

To learn how Taragh made this mixed media heart check out her blog post here.

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