Ok, it might not be “great” but it sure was a lot of fun!

Taragh rounded up a table of random crafty goodies and some of our fabulous new stock and Taragh, Julie and Kris were sent forth to create. We each had an hour and a half. Here are our results.


I am so delighted with this fabulous decorative heart using embellishments, papers, glue, paints, and photos. What a lovely gift for a new Mum or or a wedding present.

Here is a collection of the tools and materials I used:

Start with painting your mdf heart:

I used an Autentico chalk paint here in “Huile De Noix”. Chalk paint gives a lovely soft finish to a piece like this and also provides a good surface for gluing.

Dappled Effect:

I filled a spritz bottle with a small amount of acrylic paint and water and gently spayed this over the painted heart. This added a subtle dapple effect.

Fussy Cutting :

Now for the fussy cutting!. Pick and cut out the images you like in your card with a scissors. I cut out the butterfly and some flowers.

For a more textured effect tear your card carefully and leave those lovely rough edges

Before you start gluing place all your pieces where you want them. In this that was the card, picture and flower embellishments.

Gluing card:

Here I glued down the card with pva glue but left the edges loose so that they can be ruffled up at the end. This gives your piece a more 3d effect and shows off your fussing cutting too!

Finish applying your embellishments, and cut out a photo you want to use. I used our cardboard picture frame with a photo for this as it didn’t add too much weight but framed my photo nicely. Flowers were glue gunned on as they needed something stronger than PVA to hold them. I did one more light spritz with over the papers before putting the photos on.

To finish I used a 3d Pearl effect to make “droplets” around the heart, on the flowers and on the photos. This works great particularly if you have silk flowers.

Hop you enjoyed my tutorial and it inspires you to get some of those photos off your phone and onto a fabulous piece of art!


p.s check out Kris and Julie’s craft challenges for some more inspiration and tips

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