Tip: When cutting foam tape, use a craft knife. It is much easier than scissors and it doesn’t gum up the edges.

Tip: When measuring the frame, measure the inside or your pieces might be too big and stop the back going on.

1: Paint your frame. I used Plus Acrylic in “Dusty Blue”.

2: Glue paper to back.

3: Tear and crumple paper.

4: Dry Brush copper patina (Rico) on tree edges, paper and stars.

5: Glue on crumpled paper with a wet brush. Keeping the texture.

Tip: So the paper doesn’t flatten, glue it down on one side first and then the other. Keep the centre raised and crumpled.

6: Stick on the self-adhesive lace along the bottom edge.

7: Glue on your cogs or embellishments on the upper right corner to balance your picture.

8: Hang stars on the pegs.

Tip: The pegs may all slide to the middle. A dab of glue keeps them in place.


For more crafty inspiration check out Taragh’s and Kris’s posts.

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