Sewing Project Kits

Above: A video showcasing the various types and features of some of our secondary school sewing projects

We provide sewing project kits to secondary schools with everything needed to complete a project contained in one pack. We have 12 projects to choose from, including tablet covers, door stops aprons and many more! Or we can create a new project kit based on your needs!

Reduce your stress:

  • Everything the student needs is included in one pack
  • All the cutting and organising is handled by us – teachers just pass out the individual packs
  • While there is a choice of colour every student gets the same project contents and starts on an equal footing
  • Every project is individually packed in a ziplock wallet with a sewing guide and place for the student to write in their name
  • Every student gets an instruction sheet so they can work more independently with less intervention from the teacher
  • Less hassle for students and parents trying to find fabrics and materials
  • Less hassle for the teacher putting together shopping lists and reminding students to bring in items 

Our secondary school sewing project kits range in complexity so whether you have a novice first year or a very creative 3rd year, we have something to suit everyone.

Here are some photos of our projects:

Download our Secondary School brochure Sept 2018 for more information and prices.

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