• Are your Home Economics students looking for sewing essentials?
  • Are your Junior Cert students looking for materials for projects?
  • Are you looking for some unique and interesting projects for your Transition Year students?

Well look no further, The Craft Cabin is here to help you and your students!

Sewing Essentials:

We can create a customised sewing kit for your students within your budget. Packed in a sturdy snap pocket, all the items are securely stored ready for use.

Project Materials:

Let us know what type of projects you have set for the year, and we’ll ensure we have all the stock for your students.

Transition Year Projects:

We have a range of fun and skills-based projects for TY students to do in The Craft Cabin.

  • Make your own bunting: A simple sew or no-sew bunting with added appliqué.
  • Melted crayon art: Design your own canvas and melt crayons to create a vibrant piece of wall art.
  • Mixed Media Canvas: Using a variety of paints, stamps, stencils and papers, create your own piece of wall art.
  • Decoupaged key holder: Discover the art of decoupage, covering a paper mache box with decorations and embellishments using special paints and glues.


Here are a few examples of the project kits we have made:

12512267_1581759782150215_225397253596248079_n Apron

Students learn how to follow and cut out a pattern, machine sewing, hand sewing and gathering.

Kit  Included:

  • Pattern
  • Thread
  • Fabrics
  • Sewing Kit


Students learn to create their own pattern and cutting. Hemming, hand-sewing, and machine sewing.

Kit  Included:

  • Embroidery Thread
  • Thread
  • Fabric
  • Pattern
  • Felt
  • Buttons & Sequins
  • Sewing Kit

19884073_1866976116961912_1254839531414823431_n.jpgIpad Cover

Students learn cutting and following a pattern. Sewing in layers and steps.Sewing on a button and integrating closures.

Kit  Included:

  • Contrasting fabrics
  • Thread
  • Elastic
  • Batting (for padding)
  • Button
  • Sewing Kit