We love a good wreath here at the craft cabin. Whether it is natural and hessian or shiny and bright. Today I am going to share with you how we made our latest wreath. This combines natural texture with gentle hessian and spark of colour with fabric.

This is such an easy wreath to craft. You will need the following:

  • A strip of hessian (3 metres)
  • A strip of ribbon or fabric (3 metres)
  • Metal hoop
  • Glue or Glue Gun

You can roughly cut the fabric and hessian into 10cm wide strips. You don’t need the full 3 metres at once so smaller pieces are fine.

Attach the hessian to the outside bar (you can glue or tie a knot here) and do the same with the fabric on the inner circle.

Bring the hessian strip under the inside ring leaving it loose to at a ‘ruffle’

Do the same with the fabric in the opposite direction


Loop the hessian back over and under the outside and repeat with the fabric plaiting your way around the ring. Loosen and pull as you go and apply glue as needed.

Glue to finish off and fix any bits that are hanging loose. I added a few felt decorations but baubles, ribbons or just as is would be fab also. Add a bow or leave as is and TaDa! You are all done.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and we would love to see your own wreaths so please send us pictures on facebook or drop into the shop!


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