Create A Yarn Rainbow

Learn to weave this colourful yarn rainbow and create your very own wall hanging.

Step 1

Cut out a rectangle of cardboard measuring 20cm x 12cm.

Step 2

Draw a half circle by marking the centre point at the top and drawing equal curves (or you can use a plate).

Step 3

Cut out and mark 15 equal spaces on the card (one in the centre and 7 either side). Cut a slit 1 cm thick on the bottom cnetre point.

Step 4

Tape the end of your string to the back and start wrapping around the semi circle, using your marks. This is for the base of your weaving.

Step 5

Double up your yarn and start to weave over and under the string. Leave long tassles at the ends.

Step 6

Weave a few rows of each colour and dont forget to alternate each row by going over the first string, next row is under the first string.

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