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Weaving A Pen Holder

Use item you already have in the house and create a handy pen holder or nick nack storage.

What You Will Need:

– Paper Cup (Plastic is harder to use)
– Yarn or twine
– Scissors
– Glue

MDF Heart

Step 1

Measure the rim of your cup and mark our and odd number of tabs. E.g this has nine tabs. This is to make sure your weaving works.

Step 2

Flatten your cup so all he tabs are splayed out.

Step 3

Tie a piece of twine onto one of the strips, this is the first outside piece.

You will now start weaving your twine in and out of the strips.

Step 4

When you do a full circle and get back to the first tab you should be weaving your twine onto the opposite side of the tab than you did the last time. If previously you went on the inside of the cup this time go on the outside.

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Step 5

You can introduce other colours or textures, or string beads or embellishments onto your twine before winding onto the cup.

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Step 5

To finish the top you can wind to the very top and glue the twine in place to cover the cup. You could also plait a few strands together and glue them to the top to cover the cup. For this I found hot glue the easiest for its speed of drying. Other glues could also be used and the twine or plait held in place with pins or clothes pegs.

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