Unicorn Door Hanger

This adorable Unicorn Heart is a favourite project in our kid’s birthday parties! It can be used as a door hanger, wall hanging or as a decoration on your bedside locker.

Here is how you can make it at home!

MDF Heart

Step 1

Paint your heart. We used white acrylic but you can choose whatever colour you like. (Acrylic gives great coverage but you can you use other paints and just do a few extra coats) Rainbow colour is one of our party favourites! If you are using glitter, sprinkle it on now so it dries into the paint.

Step 2

Make your horn by cutting a big triangle out of gold glitter paper.

Make your hair by cutting strands of coloured yarn a little longer than the width of the heart. The thicker the yarn the less you will need.

Step 3

Dollop some PVA glue onto the heart at the bottom of the ‘v’. Lay the yarn one under the other onto the glue. Lightly press down. If your fingers get sticky they’ll start to lift the yarn, so press lightly and leave to dry.

Dollop some PVA where you want the ears to go and stick down. Do the same with the horn.

Step 4

Use some nice flower stickers to make a flower crown for your unicorn. Or make your own paper flowers!

Unicorn Heart

Step 5

Using markers draw some eyelashes and nostrils. I decorated the edge of my unicorn and wrote my name on it but you can decorate whatever way you want.

Step 6

Finish with some diamantes and ribbon of your choice.

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