Sewn Heart Coasters

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones by making them one of these simple Heart Coasters!

What You Need:

Yarn, scissors, fabric, needles

Step 1

Cut a piece of hessian around 15cm x 15cm.

Step 2

Draw a heart in the center or you can use a template.

Step 3

Thread your needle and tie a knot in the end. This stops your yarn from coming through.

Step 4

Using a backstitch or running stitch outline your heart.

Step 4

Begin filling your heart using a longstitch. starting from the left make sure the top of the stitch is follwing the outline of the heart and the bottom of the stitch is at different heights.

Step 2

Fill in the rest of your heart with one or two more colours. The top of the stitch following the line of the one above and the bottom at alternating heights or if it is at the bottom of the heart follow your outline.

Step 3

Have fun and experiment with different ways of filling in the heart. For an easier project get the kids to draw an outline with a marker and fill the heart with random lines.

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