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Pipe Cleaner Animals

Create your own menagerie of colourful wild animals with this tutorial to making pipe cleaner animals!


What You Need:


Pipe cleaners, beads, scissors, glue gun, paint, lollipop sticks.

Step 1

Make a snail by twisting the pipe cleaner into a loose spiral shape. Then, make a ‘U’ shape for the eye stalks, with a couple beads for the eyes. You can tightly wrap a different coloured pipe cleaner around the body to add some colour too.

Step 2

Making a snake is similar to the method used for the snail, but this time you’re using a smaller oval spiral for the head. Use some beads for the eyes, as well as adding different colours to the body.

Step 3

To create a dragonfly, have one length of pipe cleaner for the main body, making on of the ends into a hook shape for the head. Then, take four other pieces and shape them in a loose ‘U’ for the wings and attach them using the glue gun. Add some beads for the eyes and the tail of the main body.

Step 4

Create this funky chameleon using a tightly spiraled length of pipe cleaner for the body and head. Then a looser spiral for the tail. Shape the pipe cleaners into a spoon shape for the feet and a different coloured one for the tongue. You should be able to just hook these parts onto the main body.

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Step 5

To create a cat, you use a similar method as the chameleon, except you can adjust the shape by how tightly you twist the pipe cleaners. Glue smaller lengths onto the head for ears, and ad some beads for eyes and any other accents you like.

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Step 6

Make a crocodile by taking a lollipop stick, painting it, and cutting one end into a point. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the stick, and add some lengths for the legs too. Finish with some sharp teeth cut out of paper and beads for eyes.

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Step 7

Make a bear top for your pencils by wrapping the pipe cleaner around the end of the pencil, then making a round spiral for the head. Make some smaller round spirals for the ears and glue on. Repeat this method in a different colour for the accents, add little googly eyes and a bead nose.

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Step 8

These are just a few ideas of what you could make with pipe cleaners! Experiment and create all sorts of wonderful things with how easy pipe cleaners are to shape.

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