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Phone Bean Bag

Create this lovely phone holder for late night Netflix binges or following a recipe in the kitchen.

What you will need: Cotton fabric Bias binding 10cm Stuffing & rice

Here is how you can make it at home!

Phone Holder

Step 1

Cut 2 pieces fabric 16 cm X 22cm Pin RIGHT SIDE together & sew 3 edges, leaving one of the short sides open. Trim the corners so there’s less bulk here, & turn.

Step 2

At the short end which is already sewn, take one of the corners & fold it up so the point reaches approx one third of the way up the seam. Put a couple of stitches in to hold it.

Step 3

Earphone Pocket. ( This is a little fiddly, so you may prefer to leave it out. If this is the case, you could just sew a button on here) Cut a piece of fabric 13cm X 10cm

Step 4

Create a pleat in the centre with 2 small folds ( this enables the pocket to hold more, by creating a ‘bagging out’ effect) TIP;. Put a small stitch in this pleat to hold it while you work
Phone Holder

Step 5

Sew the bias binding across the top of the pocket, holding the pleat in place. ( We used a decorative stitch here) Sew a hem around the other 3 sides.
Phone Holder

Step 6

Create 2 small pleats on the bottom edge as you pin the pocket onto the end of the cushion. Now you have to hand sew the pocket on.  
Phone Holder

Step 7

Fold the ends of the bias in & you may need to trim them a little to neaten.  
Phone Holder

Step 8

To make it look neat, you can try to get your hand stitches on top of the machine stitches! Finish by stuffing.  It’s a good idea to use toy stuffing to start with, as it’s light, then the rice at the bottom end…push it in to you can bring the blast raw edges together, turn in 1cm & sew.  

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