Needle Felt Leprechaun

Learn how to needle felt and create this adorable leprechaun!

What You Need:

Needle felting needles, felting pad, yarn, roving.

Step 1

Gather together your materials and inculding a ball of rolled up yarn.

Step 2

For the body wrap the roving around the yarn and start felting. Flatten one end of the body so the leprechaun can sit upright.

Step 3

For the hat lay out a triangle shaped piece of roving three times the height of your body. Felt.

Step 4

Fold over and felt the top 2/3 of the hat turning as you got to keep it round. Felt the bottom 1/3 from inside the, keeping it open to fit over the body.

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Step 5

Tie a loose knot in your flesh/ cream coloured for the nose.

MDF Heart

Step 6

Attach the nose to the top of the body. Make sure you leave the flat part at the bottom.

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Step 7

Attach the beard to the top and underneath the nose.

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Step 8

Attach the hat. Needle felt it down either side of the nose. You can attach a black band and buckle to the hat if you like.

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