Long Bearded Leprechaun

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by crafting this mischievous little leprechaun.


What You Need:


Coloured card, yarn, scissors, googly eyes, glue

Step 1

First, cut some green card down to about A5, or half an A4 sheet. Then cut out the shape of the face from some cream coloured card, and a nose and mouth from pink coloured card.

Step 2

Glue everything down. Then, stick on some googly eyes to complete the face.

Step 3

Cut out another A5 sheet of green card, one for the hat and one for the hat’s brim. Cut the piece for the brim into a round shape.

Step 4

Cut out a long strip of black card (about the length of the hat piece), and a small square of gold card. Fold the gold card in half slightly to cut out a smaller square from the middle. Also cut out a small shamrock from some green card, preferably a different shade than the hat.

MDF Heart

Step 5

For the beard, cut a good few lengths of orange yarn, enough to cover the front of the leprechaun. To make sure they’re all of similar length, wrap the yarn around an A5 piece and then cut each end.

MDF Heart

Step 6

Roll the face piece and the hat piece into cylinders and glue them into shape. Glue the belt around the hat piece along with the small shamrock. Make sure the face piece is slightly thinner than the hat piece, as you will be sliding it over the face piece. Cut out a circle from the center of the brim piece, the size should be a bit bigger than the face piece so it can slide over it. Secure them all with glue.

MDF Heart

Step 7

Finally, begin gluing the beard to the face piece. A few along the chin and beneath the brim of the hat should do nicely.

MDF Heart

Step 8

You’re done! A long bearded leprechaun to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

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