Pipe Cleaner Animals

Create your own menagerie of colourful wild animals with this tutorial to making pipe cleaner animals!



What You Need:

Ribbon, yarn, fabric scraps and some cardboard

Step 1

Begin by making your pom-poms. Make 4 or 5 in different sizes and colours. Tip: We use the pom maker below.

Step 2

Leave long tails on your pom-poms to use later and trim around them to even out.

Step 3

Make 5 or 6 tassles. Cut a piece of cardboard or use a book thats about 16cm long. Wrap your yarn around it about 20 times. Cut the yarn on the bottom (keeping it folded in half) and then wrap around at the top to make loop. Tie off.

Step 4

Cut your ribbon 125cm long. Tie a loop on either end to hang. Begin putting on your tassles and pom-poms. First one, then the other.

MDF Heart

Step 5

Cut strips of fabric or ribbon around 20cm long. Fold in half and loop on to the ribbon. If using fabric cut the tails into four to make your fabric tassle.

MDF Heart

Step 6

To make the cone. Cut a piece of brown cardboard into a semi circle and wrap into a cone. Glue or staple along the edge and then glue onto the pom-pom using a strong glue. Repeat for all pom poms

MDF Heart

Step 7

Ta da! your done. Add as many pom-poms and tassles as you like, make a longer garland and mix up your colours!

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